The early 90’s ushered in the computer revolution and with it our lives changed. Today with a computing device in everyone’s hands, we no longer are turning to newspapers, magazines and hard cover books for our entertainment and news; but to the internet and digital (downloadable) files. With this rapid change comes many advantages and at E-magine Publishing, we exploit and capitalize on them all.


  • No more limits. Now anyone can self-publish a book or magazine. Upload it to online retailers and reach their target audience with embedded metadata. However, at E-magine publishing we have taken this a step further. Our partnership with INscribe Digital allows us to distribute your book/content around the world to an ever-growing list of retailers, libraries, and book subscription services. (Over 250 retailers and 20,000 library institutions).


  • Publicity. Gone are the days of reaching out to television networks and paying huge fees for 5 minutes of airtime to speak about your book. Many best-selling books today become known to the world first via social media and online advertisement (for a fraction of the cost). Creating eye-catching digital advertisements and having a close relationship with online retailers allows us to nominate your book for free publicity on Amazon, iBook’s, Kobo and many retailers worldwide. At E-magine we can give a “ONE-TWO” knockout marketing punch by utilizing traditional and non-traditional methods to increase sales and awareness of your digital content.


  • Control. In the old days of publishing an author or even big name publishing houses did not have micro-control over their catalog. It could take days to put together a price campaign or get a title on the shelves in Europe and Asia. With our partnerships, we can take a digital book and have it in print and on the shelf of major retailers and independent bookstores in the United States in a matter of two weeks. With INscribe Digital, close relationships with major distributors (Ingram, Baker&Taylor) and a network of printers ready to print around the world. We can have a printed and digital book/magazine ready for purchase in over 186 countries; and with a live connection via ATHENA, we can set prices specifically for each retailer and country with the click of a mouse.


  • Cost. Digital publishing has allowed for great savings for publishers and individuals alike. A digital file does not take up space in a warehouse or shelf. With the expense of warehousing and “shelf-space” eliminated. Profit margins on books and magazines have increased. That translates into more money for the publisher and a higher royalty for the author.


  • More Secure. Before the EBook revolution, often times, a best-selling book was reproduced by printers in third-world countries and sold in mass quantities with the profits never reaching the pockets of the publishing house or author. At E-magine we have custom embedded user “rights” privileges and DRM that BLOCK thieves from easily copying or re-distributing your content. Allowing for the author and publisher to rest easy and receive full profit from their hard work.


  • Environment. Every step in paper production and the publishing cycle has a deep impact on the environment. From harvesting trees for paper– producing inks, polymers, printers and copiers; to shipping those supplies to users, to the recycling and disposing of documents, printers and copiers themselves; has a negative effect on earth and above all, our personal health. At E-magine, we try our best to utilize “green ideas” in the publishing cycle to help keep what God has made beautiful and healthy. 


  • Conclusion. At E-magine we are not just a digital publisher. We are a solution for your digital and print needs. From custom code and mobile app creation, to traditional hardcover printed books and everything in-between. We stay up-to-date on future technologies and leverage existing methods to create success not just for us— but for YOU!

Some of our partners: Inscribe Digital, Isolation Network, Baker&Taylor, Ingram