publishing-contract-imageStep One: Contract

When your manuscript has been accepted for publication, we will contact you or your literary agent. A draft contract will be written and submitted to you/agent for review.  Once both parties agree to the terms and royalty percentages; the contract will be signed and work will begin.








Step Two: Editing

We will choose to edit your book in-house or select an editor from our network at our discretion. All editors in our network go through a screening process and are professionals. You will have constant contact with your editor and a representative from our publishing house.

Cover Design: Our cover designer will work with you to create an eye catching cover for your book. As the author you choose what you like and do not like. At E-magine we realize it is your work. We are just the medium you use to share your work with the world.





Step Three: Marketing

As your book is being edited, we will come up with a custom marketing strategy for your book. We will work closely with you and our contacts to make sure your book reaches its target audience and the masses.






Step Four: Royalties

E-magine Publishing is a digital publishing company. Therefore, our royalties are typically higher than your traditional paperback/trade publishers. Royalties paid per download of your book range anywhere from 10% to 15%.  You will receive an extensive quarterly report of sales sent via email or regular mail.

Ancillary rights: If your title is doing well as an electronic publication. It may be picked up by one of the paperback/trade publishers for actual print. If this occurs, we will negotiate with the publishing company on your behalf for the sale/license of your trade paperback rights.  At E-magine, we may choose to print your book at anytime if we feel it is beneficial to us and the author. If this occurs, the royalty percentage for printed titles/books will not be the same as the digital “work”.





What We Don’t Do:

1. We DO NOT change your story. At E-magine we understand the time and effort put into writing a book. Therefore, we try to keep the “foundations” of your work/story intact during the editing process.

2. We DO NOT charge our authors for marketing/editing/publication.

3. We DO NOT give up on your title after six months. Many trade/paperback publishing houses have a certain number of sales they like to see after 6 months of the book being on market. If we see that your book is underperforming in the marketplace, we re-evaluate the marketing plan for your specific title. We then implement a new plan and work closely with you so that your book is a success.