Author and Founder Emmanuel Young

E-magine Publishing was founded by former celebrity ghost writer and author Emmanuel Young. Emmanuel Young left the business of ghost writing in mid-2010 after deep convictions and troubles in the publishing industry. After walking away from what the “world” would call great success, Emmanuel struggled greatly. With his faith shaking and anger hardening his heart, Emmanuel began to  go down a very dark road filled with confusion, anger, hurt and frustration. From 2009 to 2010 Emmanuel struggled until he met a young orphan from Ghana named Richard. Over the course of a year Richard shared his life story— but little did Richard know he would become the sole reason why E-magine Publishing was started. Before meeting Richard, Emmanuel admittedly was arrogant, greedy and self-centered to say the least. However, Richard’s story  opened Emmanuel’s eyes and got him back on track. In Emmanuel’s words, “Richard’s story not just opened my eyes to my own faults, but it  saved my life.” From that point forward Emmanuel knew he had to get Richard’s story out to the world. E-magine Publishing partnered with Inscribe Digital in 2011 and published Richard’s first book in 2012. Though E-magine Publishing publishes many genres and creates custom digital content/apps for clients around the world. E-magine Publishing focuses on inspirational stories from authors well known and unknown. With access to an ever-growing list of retailers, libraries, and book subscription services, including over 250 retailers and 20,000 libraries. E-magine Publishing and INscribe Digital look to become the number one digital publisher in the United States.